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Atlanta, GA

Here at Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight we would like to thank the league players and directors for using our training tool and for the photos. A special thanks to The Drill Instructor for his diligent design inspection along with his approval of our sight and the photos. Also a very special thank you to the Atlanta Downtown Hilton for being a great host!

The Use Of A Pool Training Aid

Pool Training Aids Are The New Norm

Pool training aids are a new factor in the sport of billiards. Probably the way most of us learned how to shoot pool is without the use of a pool training aid. Most of us just picked up a cue and start hitting balls. Today there is a new evolution in the sport of billiards and it is called the use of pool training tools. With the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight you are able to know exactly where you are aiming the cue ball to hit the object ball to pocket the object ball. You are also able to see how your stroke movement is doing. Our sight does not add any weight to the cue and you will not even know it is on your cue until you get ready aim for the shot. With our  pool training aid you will learn to concentrate on every shot. Baring down on every shot will soon become second nature. There are many distractions that come into play whenever you are in a pool game that can detour you from pocketing the object ball. Our site will improve your concentration as you will have to recognize where you are aiming the cue. Once the cue strikes the cue ball then you will be able to see how your stroke movement is doing. This is something that has never been able to be accomplished before we  introduce the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight . Before you would just have to use the ghost ball method or the edge of the cue to aim by, and most of the time you would have to get feedback from someone else to know how your stroke is doing. With this pool training aid you will be able to recognize all that is needed to pocket the object ball by knowing how you were aiming and how you're stroke movement is doing all by yourself. This method of learning or improving or checking how you're aiming and stroke movement is doing is new to the sport of  billiards.  Some players are not very fond of using pool training aids. They think that practicing and only more practicing is the only way to improve your pool game. Although practicing is very important we feel that practicing using the right methods and knowing how you're aiming and stroke movement is doing on every shot to make corrections on what is needed is important more than just practicing and hitting balls around.                                                                   The sport of billiards is                                                             growing and there are a                                                       lot of good tournaments                                                around that have large                                               winnings. This brings in                                                  some of the best                                                           competition around. A lot                                                     of these competitors do have a natural ability and a lot of those players practice all day long. Using a pool training aid such as the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight can help you progress and move in the right direction for improving your game and once that you have mastered our site you should be able to compete with some of the most fierce competitors. Bringing the youth into our sport is a big factor in the sport continuing to grow.



These youth players may need this pool training tool to get a step up on the competition that uses just practicing alone. There is a petition under way to bring Billiards to the Olympics where there will be lots of youth players and the competition will be strong as every country in the competition will want their players to bring home the gold. Only the players with the most discipline and the right pool training aids will bring home the medals. The addition of Billiards to the Olympics will take the sport to a whole new level that it is never seen before. There have been growth in the sport before but nothing like when it is recognized as a sport in the Olympics. Also the paralympics will have some great competition also. They will also need any and all of the tools to make them great competitors. We are excited about the direction that the sport of billiards is heading and are proud to have what we have been told by the users of our pool training aid that we have a great tool in the sport. There are other tools and pool training aids on the market but none of them do as much  for training as the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight . Our sight is very reasonable in price for all that you can accomplish by using this tool. A lot of countries are starting to have billiards as part of the classroom activities while they are in school. The United States is not one of those countries. However if the youth of the United States can master the use of the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight then they will be able to compete with  any other youth from around the world. We look forward to the day when billiards is in the Olympics and the competition that it will bring. This will finally put the sport of billiards in the category of other great sports as it deserves. This is an excited time to be a part of this sport. There are already competitions of countrys in the sport of billiards from around the world in the in the professional part of the sport. This brings great competition and we get to enjoy the sport as it is played in a team atmosphere instead of only a one-on-one competition. There are many countries that want to be added to this competitive field. I only see this getting stronger and stronger and with the addition of bringing the sport to the Olympics it will get the youth more and more involved as only amateurs can compete in the Olympics. These amateurs will eventually step up into the professional level. This will bring on a new batch of young fierce competitors. Pool training aids will be a factor in teaching these young competitors to become Olympic metalists. Not only that but it will teach a lifelong skill for them to enjoy the sport and reap the benefits of winning tournaments and taking home the cash. Some do not like pool training aids as some do not like the jump cue. It is all part of an evolving sport and is here to stay. The ones that use them will become more competitive and the ones that do not use them will become bystanders in tournaments as the ones that use the new tools that is available to them will evolve into better players that is hard to be matched. There are new tournaments and new format and new countries with great players coming into the spotlight.

All of these factors will come into play to bring in great competition and wonderful entertainment. With the sport growing and evolving and expanding to all corners of the world it is hard to anticipate what is coming next. Where today only a handful of players use a pool training aid just as a few years ago only a handful age of hunters you sites for bow and arrows. Now everyone that uses a bow and arrow uses a sight on their bow. In a few years it will be the norm for everyone to use a pool training aid to improve their game or they may not even be in the competition. This does not mean that they will not enjoy the game as for fun but for competition purposes they will not excel to the levels of the ones that are using the tools that are available to them. That is like most other sports the ones that use the tools are the ones that improved the most and the ones that think the training tools are something that they do not need or think that the others that use them are not going to improve, they are usually surprised when the ones that use the training tools become the better players. Just like the guy that puts a parachute on his back and then run sprints up and down the field. It may look funny but when it comes time to play the game he has strengthened his legs to where no one can catch him. He did not worry about what he looked like or how other people thought of him because he knew it would accelerate his capabilities to a point that could never have been reached without that training aid. The players and the sport of billiards will have to start grasping the fact that pool training aids is a means to get to a level of the sport that is not achieved without the use of these tools. There is a stubbornness that some pool player have that think that if you use a pool training tool that you should not be playing in this sport. There are many other sports that have many training tools and the generation before the then probably thought the same thing. That is the old way of thinking. Just like some think that jump cues should be banned from the sport. There are many players that use jump cues now that would argue the fact that they should be left in the sport. This is all becoming the new normal.



The old way of thinking that training tools of any sport should not be used is an unacceptable way of thinking. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts but the old way of not wanting equipment or new training tools will be surpassed by the ones that know that using them will help improve their game and experience. And some would say that the ones that do not like the new equipment or new pool training tools has a narrow minded way of thinking. Or maybe they are just afraid of more fierce competition that will soon the appearing from the ones that use these tools.  Either way the sport is evolving and it's growing by leaps and bounds and is a very exciting sport to be a part of. We look forward to the growth of the sport and competition and again will are proud to be a part of it and look forward to more of the great feedback that we have been receiving from our pool training aid the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight.

Youth Players Can Benefit From A Pool Training Aid

Pool Training Tools Are Here To Stay

Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight 

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