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        Aiming And Cue Stroke

The Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight should be used and shared with the youth to learn and grow the sport

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Be Sure With The Sure Shot

 The Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight will train you the correct way of aiming a pool cue for different shots and improve your concentration on each shot. This tool will show how your stroke is performing and train you to stay down on each shot. This sight is adjustable from 11.5mm-14mm and made of ABS material to be long lasting and fits easily on your pool cue. The Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight has been approved by The Drill Instructor, pool leagues and many professionals of billiards. Here is a tool that will provide the knowledge that every player needs. Now you can train to aim like the pros and see stroke movement on every shot. Being light weight and easy to use our sight can be used by anyone that can hold a pool cue. With the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight you can learn, improve and check your aim while also improving your stroke. No more having to wait to check an app or video. You will be able to recognize your mistakes instantly to make adjustments . You will be able to see the adjustments made and set your muscle memory. Improve your game and build confidence . Nothing else does more to improve performance in pool than the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight. 

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Here's What some Of Our Customers Have To Say

Grant Zemp

The aiming of the Sure Shot Sight is right on target. What I also like is the way you can see your stroke movement. I use it before my matches to make sure that i'm doing everything right. This gives me confidence throughout my match. I am a lower level masters player and for everyone at my level or below the Sure Shot is a must have!

The Sure Shot is a great tool!

Steve Piggot

Domonic Esposito

The Sure Shot Sights aiming is precisely the way you aim a pool cue. This training tool is even better for those players who get down on their shots. This is also a great sight for the wheelchair players. I am happy to take photos with the Sure Shot Sight and be on their website.

The Drill Instructor

This sight's method of aiming is the same method that I use.

Bucky Souvanthong

John Burrows

I purchased my Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight when they were just getting started with a new manufacturer and I had a problem with my sights breaking. I contacted Sure Shot by email to inform them of my problem. David Evans contacted me immediately and ensured me that he would take care of the issue. I was contacted after the material change was made and was informed that my new set of sights were being sent out.I was never questioned about anything. I was just sent a new set. I was informed that every order was being automatically sent a new set of sights. I have really enjoyed training with this sight. I shared my Sure Shots with friends in other leagues to help their game. David will take good care of you!

Ryan Epp

The Sure Shot is the best training tool for billiards. I have an electrical devise that tells me how my stroke is doing but i have to check the app for this devise. The Sure Shot is the first tool for aiming and cue stroke. I like using both the Sure Shot and the electric devise at the same time so that I can get immediate feedback without having to stop to check the app. The Sure Shot should be in every players cue case!

Travis Eubanks

I enjoy using the Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight. Being a wheelchair player this sight puts me on a more level playing field. Some of my friends are wheelchair player also and they really enjoyed using the Sure Shot too. One of my friends borrowed one and liked it so much that he wouldn't give me the sight back. I let him keep it.

The aiming with the Sure Shot is spot on.You put this sight on your cue and your making shots that you have never made before.

Buzz West

Dennis Daniels

This is a great training tool to have. I am a player and an instructor and with the Sure Shot you can see things about your shooting that you have never been able to see before. I can see exactly how I am aligning my aim to make a shot and make sure that I am shooting it correctly. I can see the way the cue moves during my stroke that can't be seen without this sight such as twisting the cue or slight movements to the side or upwards which effect the pocketing of the ball. I use the Sure Shot in some games and make some difficult shots. I really like this sight and look forward to more training with it!

Kevin Lyons

Of all the pool aids I have tried, this is the only one that works simple and easy.
Thank you

Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight 

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